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Maximum Insulation

Full Laminated Walls (R-7)*

Sidewalls, rear wall, slideroom endwalls, and slideroom roof are all laminated construction with rigid foam insulation.  Many others use soft fiberglass insulation in the rear wall and sliderooms that can settle over time and leave uninsulated air gaps.

Double Insulated Floor / Underbelly (R-30)*

The enclosed and heated underbelly features a layer of radiant foil insulation and the main floor adds an additional layer of insulation

The slideroom floors are also insulated with radiant foil. (R-24)*

Double Insulated Roof (R-40)*

A layer of fiberglass insulation and a layer or radiant foil insulation covers the full length of the roof. 

Double Insulated Front Cap (R-40)*

Grand Design goes the extra mile by extending both the radiant foil and fiberglass insulation layers from the roof, and wraps them all the way around to the bottom of the front cap.

Maximum Heating Power

A high performance furnace delivers 25,000 BTUs
of heating power.

Maximum Function

  • Heated Holding Tanks
  • Heated Utility Center & Storage Bay
  • Heated & Enclosed Low Point Drains

Imagine’s design has been put to the test in extreme temperatures ranging from a frigid 15 degrees to a scorching 100 degrees.  Third party extreme testing showed that the Imagine remained functional and achieved very comfortable temperatures.  

Every Grand Design RV is backed with a class leading 3-year limited structural warranty. By selecting suppliers with similar philosophies, many components used on our coaches also carry an extended warranty through the component manufacturer.

  • Axles (5 Years)

  • Tire Warranty
    (5 Years w/ 12 Months no questions asked replacement)

  • Exterior Graphics (5 Years)

  • Roof Covering (18 Years)