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  • Water Capacities: Fresh: Grey: Waste:

Maximum Insulation

Residential Insulated Walls (R-9)

Exterior walls and sliderooms are framed with studs set 16” on center, and residential fiberglass insulation is adhered in place between each stud.

Insulated Floor & Enclosed Underbelly (R-11)

The main floor is insulated with a layer of residential fiberglass insulation. The coach underbelly is also fully enclosed and heated with a dedicated duct.

Double Insulated Roof (R-40)*

A layer of fiberglass insulation and a layer of radiant foil insulation covers the full length of the roof.

Insulated Front Wall (R-40)*

The residential fiberglass insulation layer from the roof, continues all the way around to the bottom of the front wall.

Every Grand Design RV is backed with a class leading 3-year limited structural warranty. By selecting suppliers with similar philosophies, many components used on our coaches also carry an extended warranty through the component manufacturer.

  • Axles (5 Years)

  • Tire Warranty
    (5 Years w/ 12 Months no questions asked replacement)

  • Exterior Graphics (5 Years)

  • Roof Covering (18 Years)

  • Chassis (3 Years)