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- Rene & Cindy Devries - Momentum

- Mike Umpleby - Imagine

- Jason and Amanda Varga - Momentum

- Rex & Theresa 303RLS - Reflection

- Doug & Gale - Reflection 150 Series

- Diesel Dave from the Diesel Brothers - Momentum

- George: Reflection 320MKS

- Randy & Diane: Solitude 310GK

- Dennis: Reflection 337RLS

- Marque & Chuck: Imagine 2600RB

- Bruce & Cathy: Solitude 310GK-R

- Dean & Stacia

- Rich & Lorraine: Imagine 2150RB

- Joe - Reflection

- Leslie - Solitude

- Jon & Bonnie Johnson

- Robert Harvey - Momentum

- Troy - Momentum

- Jerry & Carrie - Imagine

Took delivery on Tuesday April 10th of a 2019 Reflection 303RLS, from Vermont Country Campers, went camping with it on Friday April 13, on the following Monday we had 3” of rain, couch was very comfortable and quiet and warm I couldn’t be happier or more impressed with the Grand Design build, it’s top notch. Compared to what I traded in there’s no comparison. My wife at first was very apprehensive on purchasing it but went along with the purchase because she knew I wanted it. I’m happy to report she loves it. Very spacious, tons of storage, especially the Pantry, very comfortable. Worked with customer-support to locate the antenna booster to clear up the cable reception, Scott in customer service was awesome, took the time to visit the factory specifically to find where it was and called me with the news. Once located end of cloudy cable reception. I can’t say enough positive things about Vermont Country Campers and Grand Design, both top notch companies.

- Jim & Millie "Reflection 303RLS" - Reflection

I want to share with you what a great experience my wife and I have had so far with Grand Design. We've been looking at 5th Wheel RVs for a few years in anticipation for our retirement dream. While looking at various manufacturers and models, my interest was peaked when looking at the Grand Design line. Oddly enough it was the stairs that caught my interest at first. They seemed to be better quality than the other 5th Wheels I had looked at. Over time the Grand Design brand drew us in and we purchase a Reflection 303 RLS last November. After researching and listening to the online postings of other owners I was waiting for something to go wrong as "all RVs have some issues". Well I did have an issue. The circuit board on our hot water heater went out after 3 months. My wife and I were already living in our RV and at the time and bringing it in for maintenance was not possible due other limitations at the time. This is when Grand Design stepped up. When I called Grand Design directly and told them of my situation, and assured them that I was comfortable swapping out the board myself, a new circuit board was shipped to me right away with a return label to send the bad one back. Now we are back to taking hot showers! I know things happen and I am prepared for something to happen again (this is life) but this experience had only increased by appreciation and respect for Grand Design. You definitely stand behind your products. If I had to do it again, I would only buy a Grand Design.

- Stephen Clark - Reflection

We've had our Solitude 384 for just over a year and WE love it... we're full time RV'ers so this is home. We went to all the RV shows back in 2015 and we kept coming back to the Solitude every time - it just fits us right. The only change I would make is move the hookup for W/D ... it's tough getting it them in the closet... also the slide that the dresser is on could go out another foot just a little more room in the bed room.
We Love our Solitude!

- R. Jahr - Solitude

We really love this little fifth wheel. Very well built.
We shopped for almost a year before we bought it. We must have looked at it a dozen times comparing to other brands. My wife just fell in love with it.
We put it to the test. We took a 21 day trip across the country with our 27RL. We took it through a snow storm, hail storm and heavy rain. We went over very bad roads. The coach never gave us any problem.
Just about everywhere we stopped people asked us questions about it. We showed it to several people who wanted to see inside of it. Grand Design has a very good reputation in the RV industry.
We saw a lot of them on the road and in the parks. One park we were in for an overnight stop had six of the Grand Design RV's in it. Another park had one beside us, one behind us and one across from us along with 5 others on the other side of the park.
We have had it for just 4 months and taken it over 4000 miles.
I can't say a lot about the dealer we purchased it from but they were the only one close by we could buy it from.

Thanks Grand Design for a great product. We will enjoy this fifth wheel for a very long time.

- Charlie, Cathy & Reggie (our dog) Corriveau - Reflection

Wow!.... is all we can say at the tremendous product your company has designed and produce. I was doing a lot of research into what kind of an RV we would want to own for a long time. The more I read the more confusing things became until I read a comment from an individual who was searching and reviewing RV's as we were. After seeing another company's disaster, the reviewer said "That Just Made My Mind Up ... I Am Buying A Grand Design !! I had never heard of this company so I started my search for a company who sold Grand Design RV! We went looking for a bumper hitch trailer, went into (Woody's RV) your dealer near Edmonton, Alberta Canada and Rick, an awesome salesman, said to us.... are you opposed to looking at a fifth wheel? 
We took one look at the 293 RES fifth wheel in mint condition and were blown away at the workmanship and quality! We are Grand Design customers for life! We winterized the fifth wheel following the amazing, easy instructions at the universal docking center and that chore was a pleasure to perform! Your Grand Design RV company is a Diamond! Keep up the very good work!! Thank you for such a superior product and your commitment to Excellence!! Dennis & Lori (Very Happy Campers!!)

- Dennis & Lori - Reflection

Grand Design has a customer for life in us. We will eventually move up to a 5th wheel and it will be a Grand Design without doubt. 
I will sing praise to every camper I run across when RV'ing about your product! I got more than I had on my must have list and got it for a better price. You kept $ in my pocket. It doesn't get better than that as a consumer with a family. Don't tell the corporate accountants that last part. 
The only other company I've seen that actually cares about its customers and product like GD does is USAA. Hats off to everyone at Grand Design. I'm more than impressed.
Rock on!

- Tim Scott - Solitude

- Jeff Rinaldi - Momentum

In August I purchased a Reflection303RLS from General RV in Novi Michigan. I researched this purchase for a year and looked at many 5th wheels. I did not know about the Reflection until I read the review in Trailer Life mag. This 5th wheel is awesome. For the price, I do not think I could have made a better decision. I have spent almost every night in it since I purchased it and will spend this winter in it. Everything has worked as it should and the fit and finish are the best I have seen in a 5th wheel of this class. The furniture is great, I thought the bed was going to be too hard, but with a mattress pad it is perfect. From the seating to the docking station, I find nothing I would change. I have added some foam board insulation in the basement area and it is a little like spaghetti there with the wires and plumbing lines but that is to be expected. The people building this 5th wheel did a nice job. I have only found one problem so far, that is a leak at the front slide out. After a careful look and watching in the rain I believe it was caused by the gear track attached to the side of the slide. Rain was dripping into the top rail of this track filling up and running inside. I made a small notch in the end of the track to let the rain water run out and that seemed to solve the prob. Something I noticed was the end and bottom of the track was caulked but not the top, seems like a bad idea to let the rain in the top but not out the bottom. This has been leaking all the time the slide has been out at the dealer because there are small ripples in the floor against the wall and shower but as long as I have stopped the leak and it gets no worse I can live with it. Overall I could not ask for anything better. Thank you for building such a fine 5th wheel in this price range.

- Tim Aldrich - Reflection

We purchased a Grand Design Reflection just two weeks ago. Having had previous campers we believe that even the best campers will have a problem (usually in the first camp out). We have camped every day since we have had it and have not been able to find even ONE small issue! Wow! We are so impressed and in love with the Reflection!! Thanks to all at Grand Design for their emphasis on quality! One happy camper!!

- Brian Smith - Reflection

My wife and I are in the Black Hills of South Dakota in our Reflection 337. In case you had not heard this part of the country got hit with unexpected winter weather a few days ago. Our Reflection was covered in 4+ inches of snow and temps in the low 20s for 48 hours. No mechanical problems, no leaks, and the inside was nice and warm. Never expected to use the RV in the snow but glad to know we can. If you send me an email address I will send some great pics of real life use of your product.

- John Hatala - Reflection

We'd like to say Thank you to Grand Design for a beautifully made coach with service to match! People constantly want to see the inside of the coach and are just amazed by the details and elegant color scheme. On top of the beauty, each time we've called for help, we've been given the attention we needed to fix our troubles, and when the going got tough with our dealer, Grand Design swooped in and saved the day! Thanks to Micah for following through and seeing us through to the end, along with the rest of the Grand Design staff for the "behind the scenes" help! I would recommend to anyone searching for a new RV to consider Grand Design first!! Not only for the luxury of the coach, but for the service behind it! Good luck in 2015 Grand Design! We know you will soar to the top, and we know we have many more "Grand" trips ahead of us!

- E. Jacobson

We purchased your Reflection Fifth Wheel 29RS 2015 model just a week before Christmas. We are using the coach now and want to tell you how much we love our purchase. We love the room and layout of this unit. Our friends as well as ourselves are very impressed with the decor. The floor is a big hit. The less carpet the better. A happy camper!

- Donna & Ronald McIntosh - Reflection

Just have to say WOW!!! What a beautiful fifth wheel. You were absolutely thinking about the needs of your customers. My husband and I attended the RV show in Tampa and from the moment we walked in it was the one we wanted. We were speaking to a Lazy Days salesperson and he told us you were going to manufacture a 32'. That would be ideal for our needs. Simply put, we loved it, great job!!!

- Bob and Jan Ross

I had the good fortune to tour your new Solitude Fifth Wheel at the Tampa RV show. First let me extend to you and your design and production team a very heartfelt "congratulations!" In my experienced opinion, the design, fit and finish on your display unit is unequaled by your competitors in the industry today.
I currently own a new 42' motor coach built by a high end manufacturer and your Solitude is every bit as well built and comfortable as the vehicle on which I spent over $400K. I am currently shopping for a replacement for my coach which will allow me better access to state and national parks. I am hopeful that your team will soon offer a shorter floor plan so I can pull out my checkbook and get out on the road to really see America.

- TS Gardner - Solitude

Mr. Fenech,
It was a pleasure to meet you and to see what we feel will be a wonderful product and one built with quality and durability. We will be trading in our fifth wheel, and placing an order for a new Solitude. Your listening to our and others comments on what we/they would like to see in future productions as well as asking for our feedback on what we have seen in the Solitude. We realize that every person has their book of wishes and that many may be impossible to accomplish but creating a product which will stand the test of time is what is truly at the heart of any companies mission.
We look forward to becoming part of the Grand Design - Solitude Family.

- Gary and Dian Capen - Solitude

We recently purchased the Grand Design Solitude and wanted to let you know how much we LOVE IT. We are amazed at all the things you have thought of and last night was our first night to spend the night. It felt like heaven. We are staying at the West Houston RV in Brookshire, Texas. We want you to know we look forward to the wine rack change you are planning to have available to celebrate with our friends and family. Thank you for your time and attention.

- David and Linda Kinkaid - Solitude

I recently purchased a Solitude RV by Grand Design Corporation and truly love it. I have already traveled over 3000 miles with this trailer and have found it to be a very smooth ride while towing because of the advanced suspension system. Because of features like the six point leveling system, I feel setting up at camp is a much easier task and, I have also noticed that the trailer is much more stable while parked at the campsite. I feel you have certainly designed an RV that has all the modern conveniences of home, including the lovely pantry, the double-sided refrigerator and lots of storage space which is very important to me. I find this RV to be very spacious inside even when having additional visitors. I look forward to many more trips in this RV and am very pleased with my purchase. Think you did a great job designing this RV.

- Debby Christofferson - Solitude

Just wanted to say how much we love our Solitude. This the first brand new RV we have purchased. Scotty at Bretz RV in Missoula, Montana deserves a great slap on the back for showing us this model vs. the Keystone Montana. What a great value for the money we spent. We love everything about it! We looked for our first new RV for over three years with Scotty at Bretz. This was top of the class! We would rather be in our RV than in our house! Love the self-leveling. We can park, get unhooked, and we are camping in 10 minutes. An amazing unit, we tell everyone about it and suggest they look at these units before buying any other brand! Great job!

- Brian and Dawn Blanch - Solitude

We recently purchased the Grand Design Momentum! We love it!

- Dawn McPherson - Momentum

Very happy with our new Momentum 350m Toy Hauler, We looked at many competitor's models and felt grand design had the highest quality and best layout. Also had a great experience with dealer. RV world in Buford Georgia,whole staff was awesome!, and very knowledgeable salesman Russell. Look forward to many years of enjoyment. Thank you Grand Design.

- Robert Gina - Momentum

Just want say thank you to everyone at Grand Design for the effort all of you make to build such a great product and stand behind it with the awesome service you give us when something goes wrong. Buying a new RV is a big commitment for us and we don't regret choosing Grand Design for a second! It is so nice to see a company stand behind their product and interact with the people that use it to evolve and improve it going forward. Thank you, and keep up the good work!

- Sean Duling

I would like to thank your company for going the extra mile on your products. After having two Forest River nightmares, we had lost all passion and love of camping until Forest River bought us your product in a settlement against them. All I can say is WOW!!! We now love camping again, and it is so nice not having problems popping up every time we go camping. THANKS AGAIN for a great fifth wheel!

- Joe Greenwell
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